Jesus the Christ Said Chain A Heavy Weight Around A Pedophile’s Neck, Throw Them In The Deep End! Israhell’s Cult Religion Teaches, Promotes, and Practices Pedophilia!


Hello Houston, these Israhell loving zionist “christians”, have a huge problem!

I am an admirer of Jesus the Christ and his TRUE teachings.

If Jesus the Christ were to show up at an American “christian” church, he would bring his whip.

He would run them pedophile, usury, murder, organized crime loving hypocrites out of the “temple”.

If he were to show up at a modern American “christian” church, teaching what he tried to teach the Hebrews, the good American “christians”, would call Home Land Security, and have Jesus the Christ arrested as a foreign terrorist.

After they condemned him for not having any other Gods before his father.

Like not pledging allegiance to the symbol of the God, USA, by not pledging himself to the USA Flag.

Like not loving the hell out of the Turkmen/slavic half breed reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, Russian Expats, Holocausting the Indigenous Semitic Palestinians in the Semitic Palestinians Ancestral Home Land.

You know, the Russian Expats practicing the pedophilic Babylonian End of Times Death Cult religion, the same pedophilic cult religion which the Hebrews used to justify murdering Jesus the Christ, for keeping telling them the truth and calling them out on their despicable heathen evil.

The good holy “christians” would tell him, he was old fashioned, and the Bible said to forgive, and turn the other cheek, Send Uncle Sugar’s pedophilic ass some tribute, (Taxes).

The Sunday Morning Saints, would tell him he was rude, unfeeling, anti-semitic, racist, homophobic, uncivil, and just did not fit in well with good Jesus serving christians.

Course, according to the scuttle butt, Jesus the Christ said his check book is empty, his credit cards are maxed, and these zionist End of Timers, going to have to pay their own way for all the evil they do and support.

Said he has no interest being a sheep herder to such pedophile loving sheep.

He said instead, he thought he would find him a good hill farm somewhere near the woods, a hot women, fish in the creek which cuts past the cabin, and take long walks with his dogs.

Said dogs are loyal, unlike humans.

John C Carleton

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