CIA involvement in 1953 Iranian coup-YouTube

CIA, is the end product of the WW 2 OSS, which was founded and run, by Wild Bill Donovan, a double agent for the British, who worked for British interest, not American interest.

OSS was infiltrated by Red Bolshevik Communist USSR agents, as was FDR’s advisors.

OSS led the operation, collaborating with the Communist USSR, to murder America’s General, George S Patton, who refused to sell America out, and told the evil treasonous ass holes, he was going to tell the American people what Washington DC was upon to.

“Wild Bill, the treasonous America, turned by the British intelligence, a double agent, gave the American assassin the order, and $10,000 dollars in 1945 money, to murder Paton.

The assassin screwed up the operation, and only broke Pattons neck.

The Red Bolsheviks of the USSR finished the job while Patton was recovering in a Hospital in Germany.

The order did not originate with “Wild Bill”, the traitor to America.

CIA, is anti-American, and an organized crime cabal.

John C Carleton

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