Putin’s Jews-Moment Magazine

Putin IS a “Jew”
His mother was a “Jew”.
Any wonder he protects Israhell from the ramifications of their evil, attacking everyone around them, stealing, Holocausting innocent people, stealing the Indigenous Semitic Palestinian’s Ancestral Home Land.

Wonder why the evil scum don’t just return to Russia.

Jew is a religious affiliation, like Baptist.

Russian is a nationality.

The miscalled Judaic religion, (Babylonian End of Times Death Cult), for the most part is made up of Turkmen/slavic reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia.

Their heathen cult promotes slavery, theft, murder and pedophilia.

Why should the Semitic Palestinians pay for the evil of Russian Expats?

Russian’s go home!

John C Carleton

Putin’s Jews

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