David Icke Exposes George H W Bush-YouTube

The American Sheep, are fine with the politicians they vote for fucking children up the ass, murdering and then eating the children.

You want to become no vote up on social media outcaste, FAST?

Start posting things about Israel’s pedophilia, WASHINGTON DC’s Pedophilia, or Pedophilia in America even, and no one is going to bother you associating with you on social media.

They fucking know it is there, but they lie to themselves, and tell themselves, if they pretend they do not know about it, they will not be held accountable for doing nothing about it.

Most Americans are sheep.
Worthless, cowardly, honor-less, truth-less, lying, hypocritical, judgmental, goose stepping with self imposed ignorance, to the tune of the zionist pedophile masters, pedophile enabling sheep!

Most Americans need to become personal acquainted with the four horsemen.

John C Carleton

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