Unz Goes Nuclear-Unz Review

Jew is a relatively modern word.
Jew is a derogatory slang word for Jude.

Jude is what the pedophile practitioners of the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult were called by Europeans about 1000 AD onward.

The reason the people who practiced this cult religion were called Jude, is they were practicing the same religion, as the Judea folks did in the late Hebrew period.

This was not the religion of the early Hebrews during the times of King David and King Solomon.
Not even the same God.

So, Jew, is a slang word, for one born into the cult, or one who practices the heathen pedophilic, Usury practices of the cult.

The current “Jew’s”, most of them anyway, Ancestors were never in the Middle East.
They are a Turkmen/slavic halfbreed reject outcaste bunch from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine, who’s Ancestors converted to the evil child raping promoting cult, between 0700-0800 AD, in their now defunct kingdom, in the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine.

This Cult, and these people, have nothing whatsoever, no ties, to the Hebrew people, or the early Hebrew religion, at the Times of Kings David and Solomon.

They just some real evil Russian Expats, like to steal, rape and murder anyone not belonging to their Cult.

And you will have your foot on their necks, or they will have their dicks up your children’s asses, and their hands in your wallet.

They will allow no middle ground.

Why they got kicked out of all them countries, raping/murdering little “GOY” boys, and stealing with Usury, and underhanded deals.

They seem unable, to tell the truth.
But some good info here about some of the tricks of the “Jew” trade.

John C Carleton