How To Get Rid of All of The USA/WASHINGTON DC’s Debt!


It is not America’s debt, the credit card was run up by the baby rapers in Washington DC.

WASHINGTON DC/USA, is a foreign for profit corporation, incorporated under the foreign to America, British empire law.

The British Empire, is nothing more than the old drug running, murder for profit, war mongering Dutch East India Company, Moved to the CITY OF LONDON, rebranded the British Empire.

America is a Land and the Souls loyal to her, living on the Face of the Land of America.

Two different things.

A corporation, is anti-human, a legal fiction, which can not be smelled, tasted felt, heard or seen.

Corporations, do not in reality exist.

They are a Babylonian Black Magic Illusion.

So, to all who gambled currency, on loaning money to the corporation, and getting back Usury sweat of the brow of the American soul and worker’s wages, tough shit!

Thats what you get for practicing Usury, slavery, and just generally being a collaborating with evil ass hole.

Something which does not exit in reality, a Babylonian Black Magic Illusion, not a physical reality, in reality, can not own shit, so Washington DC, the city, is not to be confused with the corporation, WASHINGTON DC.

WASHINGTON DC/USA, does not own Washington DC, because something which is not real, but an illusion, can not own that which is real.

However, as i am long suffering, generous by nature, i am willing for American to deed Washington DC to all the creditors of USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Thats what they get.

America does not owe them jack shit or diddly squat.

America however, will stipulate, a 99 year American use clause, whereby although the land will be owned by USA’s creditors, America retains use of the land for 99 years.

Built a wall as high as technology allows, around the whole place, becomes the garbage dump for the whole east coast.

After 99 years, the Usury bastards which loaned currency to a corporation, trying to make Usury slaves of the American worker, gets Washington DC, or their heirs.

Don’t matter to me, and any central government of the freed American States could NEVER be seated where so many children have been raped and murdered, so many unjustified aggressive, invasive wars were planed.

The shed blood of the innocent, forbids it.

The Blood of my cousin, Lt. Col. John Augustine Washington, murdered from concealment, in Virginia, in 1861, by the CITY which bore his families name, forbids it.

The blood of my cousin General George S. Patton, murdered by a joint USA/WASHINGTON DC/Russian hit squad, working for the OSS, forerunner of the evil crime cabal, the CIA, forbids it.

He was from the Washingtons also, and was also murdered by the CITY which bore his lines name.

So, Americans can shed the debt of the USA/WASHINGTON DC corporation anytime they want.

The zionist Usury pedophiles don’t want to leave when America transfers title!

No problems, build the damn wall around them.

Make sure no Pedophiles escape.

See how easy it is to solve America’s problems!

The Ole Dog!

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