Oh Hell, Said Jesus The Christ!

‘Oh Hell, Said Jesus The Christ!’

Oh Hell said Jesus the Christ-
And some other thing which were not near as nice-

When he received his orders to take the truth to the Hebrew-
He told his father he’s just as soon clean the Loo-

But being a dutiful son who loved his father in full-
He mentally prepared himself to deal with their self righteous bull-

He found a people buggering their own children-
Consumed by evil, vile liars, honor-less, living in sin-

He told them of their evils, and explained to them the way-
To find again the path of illumination, which keeps the dark at bay-

They angrily rose up and demanded of their Roman masters, his head-
Celebrated by buggering the orphan children once he was dead-

He reported back to his father in his after action report-
The world did not need a soul-less people of this sort-

One was sent to be Emperor of Rome-
With orders to take away their country and home-

To make the Hebrew cease to as a people exist –
Their memory a fractured, tortured web of lies and mist-

Jesus went on to fight many more battles against the same evil virus seeking a new host-
Which switches peoples as needed to survive, so that these infected host peoples, do evil the most!

The Ole Dog!

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