Notice How Evil Beings Get Mad When Someone Tells The Truth of Their Evil, But Don’t Want to Stop Their Evil, They Just Want The Truth Teller, to Shut Up!

Tell the truth, you going to lose “friends”, and get attacked.

You will be called every derogatory name they can think of, to try to cow you into stop telling then truth of their evil acts.

Tin foil hatter.
Conspiracy nut.
Mean spirited.

Lots of others.

It never seems to accrue to these evil sons of bitches, and bitches as the case may be, if they were not doing the evil deeds, people would not be pointing out their evil deeds!

For example:
They don’t want to be called an evil scum sucking degenerate baby raper?

Stop raping babies!

See how simple the answer to all life’s problems are.

In the case of the baby rapers, you have to hang their pedophile ass to get them to stop raping and murdering babies.
After Fair Common Law Trials of Course.
Followed by fair hangings.
After you cut their balls out, and offer to cook em for their last meal.
Then cut their kick stand off, and shove it up their ass.
Sew the hole shut so they can not stop having sex with themselves.
Then a Fair rope around their baby raping necks, a short rope that is, and a long fall.

Time to clean up America folks!

Get er done!

John C Carleton

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