The Emperor Was Butt Assed Naked, And A Baby Raper To Boot

The wife had the TV on yesterday.

As i stopped to talk a bit, TV talking head was droning on about someone flying over some place, and i asked, is this about the Pedophiles funeral?

My wife said, hush, everyone knows what he did.

Told her, not talking about the old BadBush, feeling up some teenage girls, i am talking about the young BadBush being a kiddy Raper, before he became an old fart who forgot he was not supposed to show everyone he was a pedo.

This child raping son of a bitch is being given State Funeral like he was not a scum sucking, kiddy raping, zionist puritan yankee carpetbagging piece of slimy pig shit.

In a disgusting show of servitude and occupation, Flags of the Republic of Texas, (occupied, 153 years and counting), are flying at half mast.

Not at my house, the morning after he died, not knowing the disgusting pedo had assumed room temperature, i got a new Texas, Don’t Tread On Me with coiled rattle snake flag out of the sealed package, and replaced the old faded one.

It proudly flies at full staff, celebrating the fact, there is one less kiddy bugger in the world, and there is one less pedo puritan zionist yankee carpetbagging piece of white Trash in Texas,
Republic of!

John C Carleton

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