Nearly Two-Thirds Of Non-Citizen Households In America Are On Welfare-ZeroHedge

How you like feeding half of Mexico.

i live in a South Texas City.

You get on the street, you are taking your life in your own

In an eight mile drive through down town today, one old illegal woman, sped up to get past me, turned in front with no signal, then slammed on the brakes and went about 20 MPH for the next two blocks till she turns.

Cause thats how they drive in Mexico.

Then a car of illegals. dead stoped in the right lane at a green light, meaning i had to aound them on the left side, so they could then without signaling, shoot across two lanes to a third.

They would have nailed my ass too if i had not hit the gas and got out of their way.

Then about a 1/8th of a mile down the street, a 20 something year old illegal girl was sitting in the middle of the intersection, because a driver who thought folks support to pay attention to red/green lights, and do not walk signs, hit the illegal who don’t have to follow any rules, so just fucking wander out into traffic any time they feel like it, forcing traffic to stop, causing wreaks so people don’t run over em!

If you do not understand how to out Mexican a Mexican when driving, your screwed, and probably in a wreck.

Cause see, you are trying to obey the rules, and wets don’t need no stinking rules.

And they sure as hell not going to obey any gringo rules.

Even if they are criminals, even if they are eating your food, raping your children and wives, stealing your shit, murdering your friends and family, they not going to obey any stinking gringo rules!

Cause WASHINGTON DC/USA said they did not have to!
Thats why!

John C Carleton

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