The Mythical “jew”

Made this reply, to a zionist Hazbara troll.

i had posted something about with their rudeness, trying to stalk me, when i told them i was not interested in whatever BS it was shoveling, it must be a zionist, or something to that effect.

Now i know a bit about zionist.
My mother had that shit beat into her head as a child, by a self righteous bible thumper.
She tried to infect all her children with the virus.

Got most of em too.

Seen their lives Vs their portrayed self righteousness and feigned holiness.

Seen the same shit in the majority of the lives of the “Christians” i watched.

A common zionist Israhell Pedophile and Usury promoting, Pedophile Usury Bankers World War or Bust, hazbara troll tactic when zionism is mentioned, is to equate zionist with “jew”.

Then accuse you of hating “jews”


It came back with the standard Hazbara hissy fit, of me hating “jews”.

i replied to this provocation thus:
What is this Mythical “jew” you are trying desperately, then to thrust rudely into a conversation which is only in your mind, and then accuse me of “hating” this mythical creature?
John C Carleton”.

And the left leaning, hate America, love Israhell, no talking about Israhell’s crimes or pedophiles, “news” site Truthdigs(?), did this:

What is this Mythical “jew” you are trying desperately, then to thrust rudely into a conversation which is only in your mind, and then accuse me of “hating” this mythical creature?
John C Carleton”.

See, zionist don’t want to talk about a lot of things.

All true!

Which is why they lie their asses off, have rooms full of paid sock puppet Hazbara puppeteers, each with an unlimited number of avatar sock puppets, to attack anyone, who dares to tell the truth about the RothsRats, zionism, or the Mythical story of the Mythical “jew”.

Little background is in order for you less advanced in the study of reality.

Been a reader all my life.

Told an older brother in his seventies the other day, the brother about three years older than i, did not read a book until he wanted to get his pilots license.

He got through school, bringing a book home, i would read it, tell him enough to make a book report on.

So, i been down a lot of rabbit holes, which went deep and branched out into dragon dens.

At the time Jesus the Christ tried to get the Hebrews to stop gang buggering the orphans and each others little boys, stop stealing the widows home with Usury, stand up against the Roman occupiers, stop sneaking into the back door of their “buddies” home while he was at work, just generally being evil, moral less scum, he was not trying to start a new religion.

He was not trying to reform what is now sometimes referred to as the “Judaic” religion.

He was trying to get the Hebrews to dump this evil pedophile, mass murder, slavery, usury Cult religion, and return to the God of their Fathers, in the times of Kings David and Solomon.

Which was not the “judaic” religion, or the “Christian” religion.

The Hebrews never returned to the God or Gods of their fathers.

And then the Romans did them in as a people.

Some wondered off with the Germanic migration after the collapse of Rome.

Some married into surrounding peoples and assumed their culture and religion.

Now about 0700-0800, a group of very untrustworthy Turkmen type, formed a kingdom in the Steppes of modern day Russia and Russian Ukraine, decided for political reasons, to convert to the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult Religion, referred to sometimes as the “Judaic” religion, as the cult was worshiped in latter day Judea.

Being morally repulsive, pedophilic and parasitic, good bit of em got run out of Russia over the years.

They snuck into one country after the other, one city after another, and go right back to doing the evil despicable shit got em kicked out of their Home Land of Russia.

And one country after another, one city after another, their evil ways, their parasitic nature, caught up with them, their pedophilia, their Usury, their disdain for the host countries laws and culture, got them kicked out again and again and again and again and again and again.

Now, my great-grandfather type, Edward the First, kicked the Ritually gang raping of English boys, ritually sacrificing English children to their Babylonian evil magic spells, Usury practicing, inbred bucktoothed bunch out of England in 1290.

Oliver Cromwell, a fanatical, delusion airy, self centered, self righteous minor noble, decided God was talking to him.

He decided Revelations was not about what the Romans was going to do, and afterwards did, to the Hebrews.

The Hebrews ceased to exist as a people, of those left alive, some blended into surrounding cultures, some went walk about.

He decided no!
Revelations was about God talking to Cromwell, on how to bring about Gods kingdom on Earth, in Seven Years.

But he needed Hebrews to make this happen!

And there were none, (of which he knew of anyway), so he got the next best thing.

Turkmen/slavic half breeds, outcaste Russian expats, practicing the late period cult religion the Judea’s had, the Hebrews, the Babylonian End of Times death Cult.

Plus, they had all that Usury money they stole from the poor Goy.

He needed that to finance his wars to overthrow the crown, and make himself king by another name.

And to “purify” the Church of England.

Now, the Church of England was nothing more than window dressing for herding the sheep which ever way the crown wanted the sheep herded.

Was not about goodness, nor helping humanity, but then the Church of England, was just a breakaway child of the Sheep herding religion of Rome, The Roman Catholic Church.

But Cromwell was a religious self righteous hypocrite, who believed his own mental illness was a sign from God, to Force Everyone to do just as Cromwell said they should.

But he needed the Pedophile Usury ones coin to get to power, and the pedophile Russian expats, had been waiting their chance, every since 1290, to get their fangs back in the blood of the English, and their dicks up the ass of the young English boys.

So an evil mentally ill scum bag, made a deal with the devil, selling out his people, and his country.

And the “marriage made in hell”, still exist today, is still a cancer on the ass of humanity today.

The Puritan/Calvinist control freak mentally ill Warvangelical “christian” cults, and the Babylonian End of Time Cult, using each other for their own ends.

This marriage made in hell, has forced humanity from one Usury pedophile “bankers” war to the next.

It is why the scum bags are trying to beat the war drums for another cold war with Russia, which they control, Moscow at least, just as they do WASHINGTON DC.

So, this mythical “jew” thing.

What is a “jew”

Jew is a slang word for one who practices, or grew up in the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, as practiced by the Hebrews, in Judea, when it was on it’s last legs, in a downward spiral, as happens to every culture which is infected with this zionist virus.

Because the Turkmen/slavic reject outcaste loser pedophile inbred mentally ill evil Russian expats practiced the “Judaic” cult religion, they became known derogatorily as the Jude, or “Jew”.

So Jew is a religion.
A cult religion, but a religion.

Jew is not a Sub race of the Human Race.

Jew is a religion.

And just as peoples from all over the world, belong to the Catholic religion, the Methodist religion, the Islamic religion, the Buddhist religion, hell, even Atheism which is a religion whether atheists admit it or not, so is the “Judaic” religion made up of people from all over the world.

Not all members of the “Judaic”cult believe the same way, act the same way, are from the same sub race of peoples.

The Turkmen/slavic pedophiles. Russian expats, who are raping the Semitic Palestinian children, Holocausting the Semitic Palistian People, are psychopathic mass murderers, mass rapist, theft as a right they are “born” to.

Common criminals needing a fair trial, a short rope around their neck, and a long fall.

There is no mythical race, the “jew”.

There is a cult religion where the slang term for one is “jew”.

But, as everyone wants to be political correct today, they preach one should not call others by derogatory slang terms.

Can’t call an Irishman a Mick.

Can’t call an Italian a whop.

Can’t call a Mexican a spic.

Can’t call a Frenchman a Frog.

Can’t call an Englishman a Limey, or a Lobster-back, or a red coat.

So in line with political correctness, the word should not be used.

Now, zionist, of whatever stripe, cult, ethnic background, national origin, are some mentally ill, evil, hypocritical, self righteous, mean, vindictive, thieving, murdering, sons of bitches.

They are not human any longer, the zionist virus having eaten away their humanity, their self control, their soul, until all that is left, is a virus infected carrier, terminally ill, trying to spread their death virus to as many others as possible.

The former human is no more human any longer, than the rabid skunk you would shoot out of self defense, then burn it’s carcass to keep any other innocent creatures from becoming infected.

So, the zionist virus name is not Jew, jew, Jude.

It is zionism, the highly infectious, and terminal to the soul, ones humanity, and individual self identity, virus which produces the unfeeling zionist Zombie, which carries out the will of it’s parasite host.

So enough jew shit, lets talk zionism!

John C Carleton

As i would not back down and shut up, and as their house troll, could not best me, seems UN-Truthdigs blocked me electronically from accessing their comment section.

No, not blocked, no you did this so here is a warning, or not even you are out of here.
Just chicken shit zionist tactics of cheating to try to force lies in front of the truth.

Comments will not open for me.
Someone else check, they get in fine.
Just underhanded, cowardly, can’t win fair so have to cheat, zionist pedophile promoting tactics.

Anti-American, zionist loving Scum!

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