The Tap Dance-1990-Revisited December-01-2018

Papa CIA BadBush, Had his State department give Saddam Hussein what Saddam thought was the go ahead, to attack Kuwait, then screamed bloody murder, lied their asses off to get the American people to go to war.

What, you did not know Saddam was the CIA’s boy, and asked permission to attack, thought he got it?

Did you know Papa BadBush has the DC based Kuwait ambassador’s daughter pretend to be some obscure Kuwaiti girl who saw Iraqi Soldiers, throwing babies out of incubators in Kuwait City Hospitals.

Which was pure bull shit and the girl had not been to Kuwait since this stuff had started.

i saw a news cast where a reporter asked BadBush as he was trying to whip up American favor for a war, if BadBush’s sons had to go fight, would it still be worth it?

This was the poem i wrote about what BadBush said and did to dance around that question.

Then, i put on my uniform, left a pregnant wife, a three year old, to go to a war which did not need to happen, moreover, was none of America’s business, and in no way, made America safer.

Using the war as cover, BadBush Administaration, had the DOD use American service people as lab rats, experimented on them by the hundreds of thousands.

An untested, Anthrax vaccine.

Many dead, many disabled, birth defects of Babies conceived after the war.

BadBush Lied, DOD lied, Congress lied.

DC still lying.

The world is a better place today?

John C Carleton
December o1-2018

‘The Tap Dance’

The newsman said, President Bush, what is the rush?
Why is it, you simply will not hush!

You tell us noble is the day,
We must save the world you say,

Would it still be worth it if to war your sons must go?
President Bush looked high, and then low,

He swelled with pride, he gave a speech,
He spoke of plateaus we must reach,

He waved the flag, and talked of love,
And said we were supported by God above.

When the speech was over and done,
I wanted to salute, and grab my gun,

But although he did not put it in so many words,
His message i strongly heard.

No!, Send them i won’t,
Endanger them you don’t,

You are peons, I thought you knew,
MY sons are better than you.

John C Carleton

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