Papa War Criminal, Mass Murderer, Burner of Children in Churches, CIA, Pedophile BadBush Has Assumed Room Temperature.

Knew there was a reason this morning i took down a faded Texas Flag with the coiled rattle snake and “don’t Tread on Me” written on it, ran a bright new one, fresh out of the package from China, where the Pedophile BadBush helped send many-many American jobs! One less evil puritan yankee carpetbagger criminal […]

What Is Progressivism?

Progressivism is the same as socialism. Libertarian James Ostrowski, who has  “…that progressivism, properly understood as the belief that aggressive state violence in the form of various interventions into the market and private voluntary behavior will improve human life, is America’s ruling ideology…” For purposes of educating the public and understanding the gist of the libertarian […]