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What the Republicans Could Have Done

Another Republican majority has come and gone. And with nothing to show for it. Although Republicans controlled both Houses of Congress under a Democratic president during two years of Harry Truman’s presidency, the last six years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, and the last two years of Barack Obama’s presidency, there have been three times in […]

RickD, The Three Shekel Pedophile Promoting zionist Israhell Hazbara, Goes To Truthdigs(?) to Pee!

RickD the pedophile promoting Israhell Zionist Hazbara troll no soul being- Has a habit of going to the same place to do IT’s Pee-Peeing- RickD the zionist virus infected three shekel zionist Zombie whore- Feels that of IT’s zionist piss at Truthdigs, the world needs more and more- Screaming frantically of things IT can not […]

‘We’re afraid’: Palestinian villagers speak-out as Israel prepares to bulldoze their homes

Residents of a Palestinian village are dealing with constant uncertainty, terrified of the moment when Israeli bulldozers come in to destroy their homes. Villagers spoke to RT about being scared for the fate of their families. Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank is facing demolition by Israel, which says the residents haven’t obtained building […]

i Was There

i was there when great-great Uncle Richard had them thrown in the ditch- i was there when they when they burned your ancestor as a witch- i was there when great grandfather type Edward kicked your pack out- Saving the English boys from the pedophile buck toothed louts- i was there when they were allowed […]