The World Teeters on the Pinnacle of zionist Evil and the Collaborating Sheep People’s Cowardliness!

There are about three to four percent of the world at any one time, makes things happen.

Good, bad, or ugly, about 3-4 % of the human form souls on this rock at any given time, know enough, care enough, to get off their asses, and do something.

Good, bad or ugly.

Cause some of these ones care enough to get off their ass and do something, are doing it for evil’s sake.

But on the other side, are the ones know enough, care enough, to get off their asses and make something happen, are fighting for the good of humanity as a whole, of the earth, of the Universe, of Natures Laws.

Always been this way.

The two opposites, always fighting a back and forth battle, though thousands of years, countless lives.

Ever now and then, ones on both sides, switch sides.

Now the 97% sheep and jackal mix, they are always in the middle, pooping, eating, having sex, dropping pups and lambs, complaining, fighting anyone tries to herd them out of dangers way.

Sheep are sheep, jackals are jackals, and will be until individually, one by one, they decide they want to not just look human, but act human.

Just like extras in the movies, of no real importance, but they got to be there for things to work.

But back to switching sides.
Now if that switch is from fighting for darkness in the minds of human kind, to fighting to make the Light available to, but not forced on, human kind, then another one has learned those hard lessons, and has moved on.

But if one fighting for the light switches to fighting for darkness in the minds of humanity, and against Nature, raised as a Baptist, that was called backsliding.

The theology went with that was, once “saved”, always “saved”, so that former brethren which had returned to worldly ways, was not going to BBQ like a goat over slow coals, Texas Style, but they would not have a real good life or many stars in their crown in heaven.

Can i get an AMEN!

In Realities case, there is no physical burning fire hell.

When one dies, before one is reincarnated, one must face what they did with their last life.

Now everyone has their hell, cause you have to, expel that negative energy from last life’s screw up, when one was an ass hole without cause, when one said hurting things without provocation.

All that has to be “burned off”, or a good bit of it anyway, before starting a new life.

The less you pay for over there, the more baggage you take with you to your next life.

Everyone pays for everything they do.

That is the law.

Then there is your heaven.
That deep unbroken rest.

So yes, switching from fighting for Nature and Humanity, to fighting against Nature and Humanity, is a bad thing, a very bad thing, for the one doing so.

Whatever one receives for their soul, it is chump change compared with the price to redeem your soul, to the level you once achieved.

Not worth it.

Not a damn thing in this world, to include this world, worth going from fighting for humanity and Nature, to fighting against both.

But these side have always been there, will be there thousands of years from now.

Thats how this cake was baked.

Thats the rules.

Changing them is WAY above my pay grade.

But evil, has fought it’s way to the vast majority, offered worldly things, fame, riches, power, sex, whatever one thinks one wants, evil will offer it to get you to switch sides.

And i am not going to lie to you like some of them preachers, and tell you sinning ain’t no fun anyway.

i have had some damn wonderful times doing things most folks thought and said i should not.

The women were warm and willing, the beer was cold, the whisky was fine, the music was loud, and i knew how to raise hell and have a good time!

Many lives.

But sooner or later, the allure of ones lust, fades, leaving reality, like that dry brassy taste in your mouth, head splitting, ever cell in your body cussing you for your stupidity.

You was the life of the party last night, but you ain’t real sure you going to live to get to the bathroom this morning!

Its like that, but on a much grander scale.

Anyway, evil has bribed more and more to it’s side till there don’t seem to be a hell of a lot of us left fighting evil.

But this world will not allow, the rules will not allow, such unbalance and stagnation but for so long.

Then Mother Nature gets really-really pissed, and bitch slaps the shit out of humanity.

Mother Nature is Really Really Pissed.

i don’t know if i will live to see the tide turn the other way, as it always does, and the exhilarating times of brethren again coming to the Lights side, in an ever increasing flow, and the chase as the evil ones are hunted around the world.

Found like jackets cornered, teeth bared, snarling, spitting, howling, pissing and shitting themselves in fear.

But that is coming.

If it is not going to happen in my lifetime this one, i sure as hell want to get back before it happens.

i got some debts to collet!

And damn it is fun!

So, keep the faith you Knights of ole, who struggle on because it is the right thing to do, in the face of huge odds.

And, any you over on the other side think you had about enough of wallowing in evil zionist pig shit, take a good bath, and get over here.

The accommodations are not the best, but there is plenty of room.

Get er Done!

John C Carleton

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