Fort Russ is run by Hypocritical cowards

Seems their American bashing and Russian cheering section don’t like truthful observations by Americans.

They can not rebuttal the truth, and know if they start deleting truthful posts defending America, pointing out Israelis blackmail of WASHINGTON DC, and Putins collaboration with Israhell, against his own country, they will look like the zionist Propaganda outlet they are.

So they block me with Bull shit, for two days now.


The truth will stand alone, but when you are pedaling BS, you just got to keep hiding the truth and adding props to hold the zionist propaganda bull shit up.

Russians don’t like America, get the hell back to the Steppes of Ukraine and Russia.

Take along their brethren Holocausting the Semitic Palestinians in the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Homeland.

John C Carleton

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