Truthdigs Trolls.

Not saying they belong to Truthdigs, although i have nothing to disprove that either.

But this one been trying to mount the Blue Blooded Royal Lizard’s leg all day.


Saw IT show its Hazbara butt the other day to a friend.

Got some comments deleted over pointing out something about the avatar.

So maybe IT is owned by Truthdigs, i have nothing to disprove that.

Truthdigs has not even tried to claim the negative!

Thing about these zionist Hazbars, they speak zionistspeak.

Have this tool, translates zionist Speak.

Take whatever they say, flip the meaning 180 degrees.

zionist says, it is dark!
Put your sunglasses on.

zionist says, it is light.
Get your flash light.

So take this troll’s avatar.





Elementary Watson.

Anyway, this i left this post after it tried to mount my leg a long while.

Lets see if Truthdigs deletes it.

Give a further clue to the master of ownership!

“John C Carleton a few seconds ago
In other words, you are so ignorant, you think the USA, which is masquerading as a “country”, is going to allow the facts pointed out in all those articles i posted, which you have not had time to read, to be put in US history books, those facts you did not look at, be allowed to exist in popular culture?
You are very special.
Oh well, i think i see what your problem is, but i will not go into that.
Got more ex wives than i need.
Well aquatinted with that attitude.
Thats why they are Exes
Just to clear the air, i will leave you with a joke.
Know why that female thing is called PMS?
Mad cow disease was already taken.”

John C Carleton
The Politically Incorrect Ole Dog!

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