‘We’re afraid’: Palestinian villagers speak-out as Israel prepares to bulldoze their homes

Residents of a Palestinian village are dealing with constant uncertainty, terrified of the moment when Israeli bulldozers come in to destroy their homes. Villagers spoke to RT about being scared for the fate of their families.

Khan al-Ahmar in the occupied West Bank is facing demolition by Israel, which says the residents haven’t obtained building permits. Some of the villagers spoke about the psychological and emotional toll that the situation is having on them.

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“We’re afraid for our families, for our children. How we’re living is very hard psychologically,” local resident Sheikh Yousef told RT Arabic.

Even some of the village’s youngest residents are aware of the impending demolition.

“We know that Israel wants to destroy our home, I don’t want that to happen; it’s home. We were born here, we live here,” one schoolgirl said.