The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem: The Complete 4 Volumes

By Henry Ford. Great American Businessman. Great American Patriot. Time to pull your heads out of your asses American sheep! That frantic bleating you hear, is the pedophile sons of bitches raping your lambs! John C Carleton

Jesus the Christ Said Chain a Volga Transmission Around the Neck of EVERY PedoPhile You Catch!

Throw em in the deep end! So why are the Warvangelical “christians”, like John Hagee’s zionist Zomobies, the leavings of the zionist virus, having sexual orgasms about supporting a bunch of Pedophile Baby rapers, Israhell? Forget for a moment, they are Turkmen/slavic halfbreed reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia, whether they got on a […]