The Raped Semitic Palestinian Child Identified Kjell Hasthi

The Semitic Palestinian child ran screaming to his father-
He said i am so sorry to give you such bother-

But this evil pedophile zionist Israhell Hazbara troll-
Which was born on a three shekel cat house muff fluff roll-

Cornered me in an ally outside the zionist pedophile temple-
Said IT wanted to show me on each cheek of IT’s saggy ass IT’s dimples-

IT grabbed me and had IT’s pedophile way up my tush-
While singing a song about an evil burning Bush-

The crowd from the Satangogue clapped and cheered-
When i screamed in pain and terror the zionist Russian expats jeered-

Tell me father, why must we Semitic Palestinians endure such evil like these crazed Russian hogs rootin-
His father replied, you see son, theres this sold out Turkmen/slavic SOB called Putin!

The Ole Dog!