Pompeo’s Albright Moment Arrives-Strategic Culture

Madam Albright, when question on the USA, (her) policy of sanctions against Iraq which starved half a million children to death/ died of disease, if after the death of half a million children, if she still thought it was the right thing to do.

She said sure, we made the Iraqis do what we, (USA/WASHINGTON DC) wanted them to do!

She helped murder half a million children, and never batted an eye.

Now the USA/WASHINGTON DC. controlled in every way by Israhell through pedophile black mail videos and bribes with American Workers money, stolen from them by WASHINGTON DC/USA, and given to the little crime cabal occupying the Semitic Palestinian’s Ancestral Home Land of Palestine.

So these policy are in fact, what Israhell tells Washington DC/USA to do.

Israhell just loves murdering innocent people for perverse pleasure and Usury profit!

CIA is the Twin sister of Mossad!

WASHINGTON DC is evil, and the white house is a zionist whore house!


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