Lady Di Was The Last Pure, Clean, Innocent Thing Left In England, And They Murdered Her!

She was Truly a Lady, and the last pure thing to remain in England.

With her murder by the pedophile chinless charlie, and the fake Dragon cow which hatched him, England lost her last hope.

She was a very special Lady, who truly cared for humanity.

When she was as a young lady, swept off her feet with the glitz of court, married the fake prince, she had no idea the Lizard’s den she was getting in!

In her veins, flowed the true bloodline of the Legitimate Monarchs.

So the old fake dragon queen, married her pedophilic spawn off to Lady Di, to get the rightful blood in the veins of the pedophile chinless charlie’s son’s veins!

Then when she rebelled, they murdered her.

There is a St Georges Flag, new, unopened, which will fly full staff, on the day either the pedophile chinless charlie, or the bitch cow which spawned him, assumes room temperature.

i will fly it for 13 days.

Then Put it up, repackaged, until the other piece of murdering shit assumes room temperature.

Course unless the two of em want to be considerate, hold hands like common lower level lizards, jump off the Tower of London together!

Then i could fly it for 13 days, and burn it under the light of the next full moon.

Di was pure!

They are pure Evil!

John C Carleton

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