‘IT Gets Kicked Out of every Cat House of History’

‘IT Gets Kicked Out of every Cat House of History’

IT the evil loser Israhell zionist pedophile cheerleading troll-
Is running out of Cat Houses which will allow IT to hold-

A sex servicer position in their den of sexual sorrow halls-
Where other losers come to use IT to get rid of their blue balls-

Caught cheating the customer, pinching their gold and silver-
Yet, being a habitual cheat, not wanting to deliver.

It’s sorrow as IT was repeatably paid to do-
The drunken soldiers, sailors and priest said IT looks like Poo-

But IT is finally happy now it seems-
IT has found the Cat House of IT’s dreams-

A Cat house for the Blind, who can not hear or smell either-
So the paying for relief losers will not beat er-

For spreading the virus which rots and infects the users bone-
This is why IT the Cat House thistle is no longer alone-

IT has finally found beings which will willingly touch IT’s sorrow-
Being deaf, blind and non smelling, they do not hear, see or smell IT’s horror-

The Ole Dog!

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