RothsRats Simply Must Have War!

RothsRats simply must have war!

Course the RothsRats have no national loyalties, not even to occupied Palestine.
It’s just a dofor country.
Do for now.
The Rats have much larger plans.

But first, World War Three.

No need for wars anymore.
The heads of State, get paid the big bucks.
They call themselves “leaders”.
Leaders lead!

Two rich ass holes want war, pistols at ten paces, one or both die, they had their war.

The rest of humanity, especially the poor folks who kids did not have to kill and die for the rich “leaders”, will have a holiday in remembrance of their “leadership” and “gallantry”.

Good excuse as any to have a party.

Pedophile Usury bankers Wars are obsolete.

John C Carleton

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