IT Was A Hazbara zionist Zombie TROLL

‘IT Was A Hazbara zionist Zombie TROLL’

IT was a Hazbara troll, brassy and rude-
Sometimes IT pretended to be a prude-

Cheerleading pedophilia, Usury and murder-
IT shuns the light cause the rays on IT’s skin hurt er-

Misdirection, lies, cheerleading for war and child rape-
A masked marauder hiding behind a sock puppet cape-

The shame of IT’s existence, the foolishness shown-
When daily IT gets IT’s hazbara butt kicked to the bone-

Just a tiny bit of soiled muff fluff blowing hopeless, helpless-
On the cat house winds of time from one to another mess-

Cursing the light which blocks IT’s bumbling zionist Zombie way-
Until IT once more Stands before the Light, huge dues to pay-

For the screams of the children dying in pain and fright-
As IT cast Khazrian heathen spells using children’s blood with all IT’s might-

Destained to chase the big Lizards Royal Leg in perverted lust for eternity-
A zionist Zombie hairless chihuahua trying to mount the big Lizards leg frantically-

A life wasted for all of the world and humanity to see-
A sad-sad case of the leavings of the zionist virus, a zionist zombie.

The Ole Dog!

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