RothsRats Simply Must Have War!

RothsRats simply must have war! Course the RothsRats have no national loyalties, not even to occupied Palestine. It’s just a dofor country. Do for now. The Rats have much larger plans. But first, World War Three. No need for wars anymore. The heads of State, get paid the big bucks. They call themselves “leaders”. Leaders […]

IT Was A Hazbara zionist Zombie TROLL

‘IT Was A Hazbara zionist Zombie TROLL’ IT was a Hazbara troll, brassy and rude- Sometimes IT pretended to be a prude- Cheerleading pedophilia, Usury and murder- IT shuns the light cause the rays on IT’s skin hurt er- Misdirection, lies, cheerleading for war and child rape- A masked marauder hiding behind a sock puppet […]