Back to back they pulled the pins- So the world could know peace again!-Putin/Trump, Frag Grenades at 10 paces

Putin snarled angrily at Trump-
Nitwityahoo loves me the best, rubbing his rump-

The Trickster Trumpster responded with a sneer-
A worn out porn star humping, Reality TV star leer-

Nitwityaho told me you had little junk-
And your orifice was loose in your trunk-

Putin snarled in anger and disdain-
Oh yeah, he told me you were a major pain-

In his Holocausting and baby raping ass-
And on doing you again he would gladly pass-

A cat house fight between zionist whores-
Endangers the world at large, opening Hell’s own doors-

So it was decided by all truthful and moral mankind-
They both had lost their damned fucking minds-

It was decided on, a peace plan-
So the endangered white dove could again land-

It was decided the scourge of Putin’s and Trump’s hissy fit-
Should not affect the rest of the world one tiny bit-

Back to back they pulled the pins-
So the world could know peace again-

The Ole Dog!

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