USA and Russia Assassinated George S. Patton to Stop him from warning America of the zionist Whale, was Fixing to Swallow America’s Jonah Ass!

Americans need to understand, the USA/WASHINGTON DC, was overrun in Russian agents, USA, betrayed the American people and homeland, and helped Russia murder Patton to shut him up. These are links to Youtube Videos of an interview done on the book, Target Patton. if you should stumble on one, the next does not show up […]

Kavanaugh Hearings: The Really Important Debate Was Never Held

The Democrats and their feminist allies failed the country in their approach to the Kavanaugh hearing. Instead of finding out whether Kavanaugh believes in the unitary executive theory that the president has powers unaccountable to Congress and the Judiciary and agrees that a Justice Department underling, a Korean immigrant, can write secret memos that permit […]

US Officially Sends Largest Ever $38 Billion Military Aid Package To Israel

The largest ever US military aid package to Israel, which worth $38bn to be delivered with a period of ten years, entered into force, State Department Spokeswoman Heather Nauert announced yesterday. “As we enter the new fiscal year, the ten-year period of the $38 billion Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signed by the United States and Israel in […]

Ole George and America

This started out as a reply to a poster, relying to one of my post, wringing their hands, (supposably), because they FEARED the USA, was going to be isolated from the rest of the world because of blaw-blaw-blaw. i say, bring it on! About damn time! And to all you Bad-bad America people, heres one […]

How to Turn the Tables on Authority

“In the act of provoking people to think differently, philosophers make it clear that we are not fated to live within the often-stifling systems of thought that we inherit. We can change the subject.” ~Raymond Geuss Are you sick and tired of TV talking-heads babbling their way through political propaganda and scapegoating each other through underhanded […]