The Insidious Myth of the Magical American Soldier-Information Clearing House

If you look at the USA/WASHINGTON DC, as America, you do not understand the reality of the situation.

If you think of the USA/WASHINGTON DC as one group of your paid government officials, there looking out for your best interest, you are a fucking idiot.

Go back to sleep, Mother Nature has sent the Horsemen, they will collet you soon enough.

Those of you who are not dead asleep, will have noticed USA says several different things of the same subject, at the same time, does none of what they say they are going to, but the exact opposite.

USA military is not in Syria, (Illegally, a war crime), to defend America.

They are not there to defeat ISIS.

They are there to protect ISIS from the Syrian’s, and bomb the hell out of Syrians in support of ISIS.

All the damn proof needed is out there, has been for years.

You just have to force yourself to look at it.

Yes, once you do there is no going back, and the parties and glitz, having the biggest house on the block, just don’t mean a hell of a lot!

Not the path for the faint and weak of heart.

Mother Nature will recycle them.

But if you want to survive, and your prodigy, as other than RotsRat slaves, best get to looking at this shit.

Because there is a lot of it, takes a while to get your breath back, and sort it all out.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

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