The American Sheep Love Slavery to The Evil of The ROTHSRATS!

No other exclamation for their collaboration with the RothsRat baby raping evil!

Unless Americans no longer have any balls.

Or Americans are so stupid they can not pour piss out of a Texas cowboy boot with the instruction written on the bottom of the heel.

Unless they know of the evil, and have sold their souls.

A bunch of whiny, ball-less, sold out to evil whores, who love slavery to the evil of baby rapers.

Try to point out the truth, their path to freedom, the fucking sheep grow canine teeth, not to attack the evil, but the one telling them to get some balls, stop raping babies, stop selling their asses out to evil, and their children as cannon fodder in planed RothsRat wars!

Then the canines drop out, grass choppers grow back in, and they spread the cheeks of their asses for the RothsRats and their paid whores.

Thats how Jesus the Christ got crucified.

Trying to get the Hebrews to stop buggering children, stealing the widow’s home with Usury, and collaborating with the slave masters of Rome.

After they helped the Romans murder him, they chased the orphan down, gang buggered him, stole the widows home, split the loot, and kissed Rome’s ass!

Party on ass holes!

Karma is a bitch when you are a collaborating ball-less evil piece of sheep shit!

John C Carleton

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