What You’re Not Supposed to Know About America’s Founding-YouTube

You can draw your own conclusions, according to your level of education on the true history of the USA, and of America, which are not the same thing, never has been, never will be.

Because i post this, does not mean i agree with every view he has, but as long as he sticks to the facts and history, he does a damn good job.

i caution, against the divide and conquer.

i assure you, the owners of communism, are also the owners of zionism.
The Owners and controllers of Christianity, the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult, and Islam, is the same people and organization.

They rub dogs noses together, who had no idea of fighting each other, get them fighting, then step back and watch.

Because they are evil sick sons of bitches, thats why.

But if you are to grow, help build a better America, a better world, for your prodigy, for those who recognize the reality of reincarnation, a better world for your own ass, then you have to look at reality, the good, bad and ugly history of the USA and the American people.

The Northern culture, and the Southern Culture were never the same, they have never been one people, and they are not now.

Does not mean the two can not work together for the good of America as a whole, but first, everyone has to educate themselves in the real history of the USA, and America.

A sound foundation, can not be built of lies, illusions and bull shit!

No matter how long, or how often it is repeated.

USA will go into the trash bin of history, as all kingdoms, empires, and countries do.

America, will still be here.


The book seems to be only E-book, which i am not crazy about, but i will get this one, because i believe there will be a gold mine of truth of American history.

John C Carleton

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