IT the Pedophile Israhell zionist RothsRat Troll, is Upset

All i did was mention Putin along with TRUMP, ARE BITCHES OF THE ROTHSRATS.

Not the sharpest Israhell pedophile promoting troll around.
At creation, when they were handing out brains, IT thought they said trains, told them IT did not need one.

When they were handing out souls, It thought they said do you want to be a troll, and ran off to work for evil, without a soul.


Troll’s reply on one of the Ole Dog’s post, Under the sock puppet avatar of John Tosh)

CIA. What an old time prophet called 666. That was the closest syllable to CIA plus it hides the entity until the time is right. The time is now.

CIA-666-The Prostitute riding the Seven headed dragon. You are part of it.

Read about your end. It was written for you.

The seven headed beast and prostitute can for the first time in history (electronic communication) hear and see everyone at once

Revelations was written for you fools in the Central Intelligence Agency.
My job is to let you know who you are. You know now. So you had your chance to repent.

Like President Putin said. You will not have the chance to repent at the last moments.

Cook in hell m****. F********s

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