Getting Invitations to “discussion sites”

Started getting all kinds of invites to all kinds of discussion sites.

Some are probably legit, others are designed to get people like me running around in circles where it don’t matter, instead of out there cutting the balls off of zionist evil.

One of the tactics the Israhell zionist baby raping/pedophile promoting, Usury promoting, the zionist wet dream of the blood letting, (Mass Human Sacrifice to their angry, evil god), of World war three or bust trolls try to use to keep ole junk yard dogs like me from going for the bone which matters, rather than the decoy bone, is to call one extreme, not civil, fanatical, among other insults from lying baby rapers.

They will vote you up for a while, try to buddy up to you, them complain you are too radical and no one will like you.

Being one who can trace many past lives, i never was real well liked for being myself.
They liked me for what i did for them, until liking me was no longer beneficial, but detrimental to their wealth and or health.

In other words, they were honor less Hypocritical self-righteous sheep.
Not a hell of of a lot of them have changed very much.

The ball-less cowardly sheep, do not like their truth raw and bleeding.

So i see no reason to screw up at least 2,500 years of tradition, by toning down the truth so the sheep like me, at this late date.

Replied to some of the invites out of courtesy, them the tone it down shit started.

Came to this life, with a mission.
Ran from it most of my life.
Tried to not do it.
The Light had to put me through a whole lot of damn hard shit, cause i am pig headed, to get me to agree to do my duty.

Cause i get real pissed at the sheep for not trying to grow and learn.
i get real pissed at the sheep, for being stupid and collaborating with evil.

Each life i swear i am not coming back to help these smelly herd animals one more time!

Bitching about them, helps one get through dealing with their sheepness.

Do not have time to be liked.

Do not have time to take away from my job, to have polite discussions about things which really don’t matter when you are way past your ass in zionist alligators, while trying to drain the zionist virus infected WASHINGTON DC/USA swamp!

Personally, the ground of Dc is too soaked with innocent blood to ever serve as the headquarters to other than a evil criminal organization.

Personally, i am for building a wall around DC, posting armed guards with shoot to kill orders for escape attempts, wait till they all eat each other, then make DC a toxic landfill.

So if you are one inviting me to your sites, no disrespect meant, but i just don’t have time.

That and having traced my lives again, i always was one to peel paint off the walls with my vocabulary.

Wife told me she saw a study while back, said people who cuss, are a lot more likely to be honest, than those who do, but only in private, and in their heads.

So, thank you for you invites, not trying to be disrespectful.

Being a Blue Blooded Royal big Lizard, i was joking one time with the wife, told her she could call me “Your Royal Highness”.

She replied, Royal Ass Hole seems to fit better.

Junk yard dogs, have to be ass holes, in the hypocrites definition, to get the job done and go after the evil of the hypocrites, serving the Dark side.

You don’t send a choir boy, to take out the Snake.

John C Carleton
“Royal Ass Hole!”

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