IT is Always Darkest Just Before the Storm Breaks

i personally, can not identify one person, serving in a “government”, at least on the national level, in any country, which is not an evil son of a bitch or a bitch themselves, as the plumbing dictates.

In times of total corruption, the shit floats to the top.
Just like when someone takes a dump in the swimming pool, here comes that brown tootsie roll looking thing to the top, floats around, spreading it’s decay and disease.

Ok people, it is time to drain the world pool and put all the shit on top of the waters of life, in the compost pile of hell.

These sons of bitches, have shown humanity no mercy, and humanity must show them no mercy, if humanity wishes themselves to be free, not be used a cattle, as zionist Usury debt slaves, their young not used as cannon fodder in zionist Usury Pedophile banker wars, and as sexual party favors for zionist pedophiles.

They are the enemy of Humanity at Large.

George S Patton had a saying, which Humanity needs to adopt when dealing with the evils of zionism:
“May God have mercy on my enemies, because i will not!”.

Get er done!

John C Carleton

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