zionist Zombies Dancing to the John Hagee Holocausting Blues!

‘zionist Zombies Dancing to the John Hagee Holocausting Blues!’

Like zionist Zombies dancing to the John Hagee Holocausting Blues-
Mindless Virus host, doing the bidding of the evil zionist Virus, paying their dues-

For allowing themselves to be infected with this pedophilic cancer-
To the Light one day for their acts they must answer-

But for now, no depravity or crime against humanity is too bold-
For the John Hagee zionist Zombie creatures without a soul-

Hells own imps, the evil ones from below the filthy slime-
Of a zionist pedophile Usury war promoting evil depraved Virus eaten mind-

The John Hagee Imps From Hell cheer each Semitic Palestinian Death at the hand-
Of the thieves of the Semitic Palestinian’s own Ancestral Home Land-

Turkmen reject outcaste from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine-
Make the Semitic Palestinian’s life one of death and pain-

The zionist Zombies froth at the mouth, their eyes gleam with pride-
As John Hagee tells them another Semitic Palestinian died-

These “Christians” cheer on the Babylonian Death Cult which teaches the lore-
Christianity’s claimed “savior” Jesus the Christ’s Mother was a Whore-

That Jesus the Christ is in Hell boiling in Human Shit-
These John Hagee zionist Zombies don’t see one teeny tiny bit-

Of a problem with their erroneous depraved conflicting views of reality.
Thats what Cognitive Dissonance is for you see!

The Ole Dog!

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