The Piker Battalion Band Sang Bass, IT Screamed a High Pitched Terror Tenor

In The count of years since Jesus The Christ Murder by Roman law-
1290 AD was an evil time of sorrow in the hearts of Mothers laid raw-

By the ritualistic gang rape and murder of the young English youth-
At the hands of inbred Turkmen/slavic outcaste rejects with the buck tooth-

When Edward saw the evil done to the innocent English young-
He was tempted to do the blood eagle with the Babylonian Usury magicians lung-

But in a moment of weakness he decided instead-
The pedophilic Usury buck toothed inbred ones would scream terror tenor ahead-

Of the deep hung trusting Bass of the Piker Battalion Band-
After that, quite and peace returned to the Land!

Reminds me i have not recorded a song for a while.

The Piker Battalion Band Sang a Thrusting Bass-

And IT screamed a terror tenor-

And all the Pikers joined right in there-

In the year of 1290 in Merry ole England!

The Ole Dog!

Great grand type pup of the ole Curly Wolf, Edward 1st himself.