What Good is the U.S.A./WASHINGTON DC Military, if it Can Not, or Will Not, protect and Defend the American Home Land!

USA flies illegally into Yemen, murders Yemens.
USA flies illegally into Syria, murders Syrians.
USA flies illegally into Afghanistan , murders Afghans.
USA flies illegally into Libya, murders Libyans.
USA flies illegally into Pakistan, murders Pakistan peoples.
USA flies illegally into Iraq, murders Iraqi people.

Why can not the USA, fly into Mexico, bomb the hell out of the criminal invasion force which has made threats to invade the North American States, a criminal act and a threat to the security of the American people!

What damn good is the USA Military, if it can only murder innocent people in foreign Sovereign lands for the benefit of the “Greater [RothRats] Israhell Project”, but Can Not, or Will Not, protect the American Home Land, and American souls?

This means, all those trillions and trillions of dollars taken from the American working class, to pay for a huge Military, was never meant to protect America and Americans!

This means, Uncle Sugar has shoved his red, white and blue balls dick, straight up the ass of multiple generations of American working class families!

This means, U.S.A./WASHINGTON DC, does not give a flying fuck about you, yours, America, and Americans, except as using your children for sexual party favors, and your asses, as life long Usury Debt Slaves.

Are you getting this yet?

WASHINGTON DC/USA, is the Masters House, the Big House, on the American Slave Plantation.

All the profits, go to the Big House, and then sent to the Absentee Slave Master, in Tel Aviv!

Meanwhile in America, outside the big house, children, wives, are being raped and murdered by illegal criminals U.S.A./WASHINGTON DC enticed to invade the States, Using the States own funds, robbed from the States, and sent to the Big House.

These illegal criminals are given, using the struggling American Workers Sweat of Their Brow, stolen at the implied point of a weapon, by Uncle Sugar, FREE every fucking thing the son of a bitching baby raping pedophile mother fuckers in Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac can think of!

So in appreciation, the gentuza, wave Mexico flags, and tell Americans they hate them.

Now, perhaps it is time, for, “We the People”, to fire WASHINGTON DC/U.S.A., and go back to the drawing board, cause this Operation Order went to shit way back in the late 1700s.

After getting the Pedophilic Uncle Sugar off America’s back, and his diseased dick out of their asses, kicking out the ungrateful pieces of shit will be no problem, and getting some damned respect for the middle of the Rio Grande back in vogue.

Ole Uncle Sugar never worked a day in his life anyway, piss ant blood sucking leach.

John C Carleton

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