The Long Roll of History

‘The long Roll of History

History is warning of what man has at the end of this run-
Humanity, a species, directly under the gun-

At a crossroads, looking left and right-
Seeing possibilities as different as day and night-

To become something greater, to learn, to pay the price-
For the knowledge necessary to entice-

Humanity on that long and winding path past the sorrow-
Leave behind the pain, bleeding, horror for a better tomorrow-

A Pilgrimage to that fabled Pure Light of old-
Forgotten by Humanity in its base lust for gold-

The Light of Knowledge calls come with me-
Many wondrous things you will see-

The other paths guardian sings an enchanting song of many pleasures-
Of which he will give you unending measures-

Riches, power, control, and fame-
Everyone talking about you, you are the name-

The weak will emulate, the ignorant shallow herd will kowtow to-
Till so swiftly, fleeting fame is gone, and the bill comes due-

The final decision by humanity must be made-
Whether their future is to be eternal Enlightenment or an endless panty raid!

The Ole Dog!

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