The war Which Transcends Time

In the war which transcends time so bold-
There is a virus which eats the mind and soul-

Of the pilgrims of humanity as they climb out of the slime-
Of creation, a natural process so sublime-

IT lies hidden in the soil of the land-
A despicable dastardly branch of the hand-

Of evil, that ancient and old foe-
Which again and again God has laid low-

Fighting each life against the brown stain-
On life’s fruit of the looms, soiled again and again-

By the Virus of evil, which cast its spell-
On the unaware pilgrim, dragging them to a hell-

Zionist Zombie servitude to baby raping scum-
Who should have the blood eagle done with their lung-

The voices of the innocent slain through ages cry out in tortured eternal pain-
Pointing their fingers squarely at the Zionist Virus in blame-

Oh Mother of Life, how long till they get their reward-
For being an evil Zionist Zombie Virus Host Retard?

The Ole Dog.

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