What Is Leadership, And The Rewards of Leadership

This morning, i was scanning my Facebook page, which i use to post news items, the truth, Pro American, Anti-Israhell zionist type stuff, so i get VERY few likes.

Learned long ago, when i posted a pro Southern/Pro American post, there were people i knew, would say in private stuff supporting such things, but they sure as hell were not going to like them, let all their politically correct face book friends, seeing them like something which was not anti-American, pro politically correct/zionist agenda.

A Man i met, who gave a lot to the Sons of Confederate veterans, with his money and time, took a leadership role, long past when he wanted to step down, because there simply no other member, wanted the responsibility.

Anyway, this fellow who gave a lot, but is sticking to the organization all the way, his reasons are his own, posted on face book, said, :
Leadership is not about being the best, but making others better”, and he also stated, “I believe that”.

i replied, Leader ship, is about being nailed to a cross.

i could not fight like i am doing as long as i stayed associated with the Southern Heritage organizations, and many of their members put Israhell in front of America, while convincing themselves they are “Southern Patriots.

My limit came when a 2nd officer in a Sons of Confederate Veterans Camp, tried to defend Israhell, murdering forty something American sailors and marines, on board the USS Liberty, in international waters, in 1967.

The US/DC cabal hushed it up, threatened the survivors with prison, if they even told their wives the truth.

It today is the most decorated ship in the History of the US Navy, and most Americans do not even know it happened, or the ship existed, because USA/WASHINGTON DC’s Masters, were the ones doing the killing and trying to sink her.

And this son of a bitch, had the balls, to tell an American, America forced the Israhell spawn of satan, to murder those Americans!

FUCK HIM, and i sure as hell will not have anything to do with Southern Heritage organizations, controlled at the important levels, by Israhell firsters!

After what i have said, the truth, Which can be backed up with evidence they do not want to see, about the evil of Israhell, and the USA, if they could, they would probably nail my ass to a cross!

Give you odds, i am in the running for the ANTI CHRIST!

My mother was indoctrinated with the zionist virus as a child, and she could never shake it.

Zionist Christians are always trying to fit the latest boogieman to their nightmare.
Remember hearing a zionist christian ask a pastor, when Jim Brady, got shot in the head, did not kill him, if the pastor thought he was the Anti-Christ, as he will recover from a severe head wound.

Oh yeah, these zionist zombies are Dead Serious about this nightmare!

All my life, i knew there was something out there, i did not want to do!
Something out there which was to be avoided!

All my life, i have tried to stay out of the spot light, keep a low profile.
Now not talking about family or close associates, but on public level.

Some are sent to do jobs.
Sometimes they do not want to do those jobs.
Thats how Jonah ended up in the belly of a huge fish.

i explain to people my relationship with the Light this way.
i have learned, when that which is, bitch slaps me, knocks me on my ass, to just sit there till i figure out why, before i get up.
That way, i don’t get slapped right back on my ass, because i did not learn the lesson came with the slap.

After fighting a very stubborn and valiant fight, with the Light, to not do what i am doing, sitting there on my ass, looking up, i said, OK!
i Unconditionally surrendered to the Lights will, and my duty.

When i stepped out in front, started marching towards the mouth of that huge black hole, which is the business end of the cannons mouth, i have had less and less company, until most times, i want to have a conversation about the situation, i have to have a conversation with myself!

Which brings me to the point where my cometary on Leadership starts.

Let me tell you about Leadership and Leadership’s rewards.

George S Patton, was the best General the USA had during WW 2.

He did not kiss ass to fools and treasonous ass holes, so his name has been smeared as much as Washington DC and their Masters could.

He has been betrayed as a cold hearted, nuts, glory hound.
That is pure bull shit, zionist propaganda and drivel.

Did he love war?
Yes he did.
Did he try to start wars?
No he did not!

Some people are warriors the same as some are mathematicians, doctors, Plumbers, carpenters.

Society needs these warriors.
Society starts the wars with their ignorance!

With indoctrination into the cult religions which always tell the sheep they were chosen by god, they are the right ones, and everyone else must do and act just like your side, if you have to kill most of em to make that happen, come death of spiritual growth, and a huge heaping helping of Cognitive Dissonance.

With their cowardice, they collaborate with the evil for scraps of spoils, from their Masters table!

Which is not the Light by the way!

Once the wars start, if not for the true warrior class, (not talking the treasonous pigs and zionist dick suckers who wear the stars today at the pentagon), Humanity, might not survive.

Look at what happened, the bloodbath of the “French Revolution”, when mobs and those unschooled in this sort of thing, achieved control of the guillotine.

George S Patton Understood, he was the big bad wolf, on the American side, and that most of the other generals were politicians, zionist dick suckers like Ike, who NEVER led men in COMBAT.

He knew the more German ass he kicked, the faster he kicked it, the more territory he took, faster than any other American general EVER had, he was saving American lives, and shortening that war.

He loved those men as brothers, and felt each of their deaths personally.

There is a film, of him after world war 2 was over in Europes, he flew back to the States for a war bond drive, gave a speech in Los Angelis, when you can see him choking up, struggling to not lose it in front of the crowd, as he spoke of the sacrifices the dead had given, as well as reminding them, a lot of live heroes, were coming home.
He tried to convey to these stay at home people, the horrors, the coming home living had seen, and the sacrifices these men, living and dead had made, Must Not, be in Vain!

He had figured out, the USA, was selling out America, and the American people.

He being the man he was, with a code he lived by, after he returned to Germany, he was going to resign his commission, not retire, (during World War Two, he would take no pay, and signed his US check over to the Army Relief Fund), Informed Ike and his treasonous ilk, he was going back to America, tell the American people, what the USA was doing, betraying America and Americans, and a joint team, from the USA criminals, (probably Truman Oked it), and the USSR criminals they were conspiring with, murdered him.
They could never allow him to return to America to tell the American people the truth!

They “nailed him to a cross”, for stepping up, taking leadership for his people, because no one else was doing it.

Then they started slandering his memory and name, as the evil of zionism always does to those who stand against them.

Let me part the sands of time a bit further back into the annals of American History.

John Augustine Washington, the Great Grand Nephew of George Washington, the Last of the Washington Family, to live at Mount Vernon, stood up against the evil of WASHINGTON DC/USA against his people, took a leadership role for his people, and the USA/WASHINGTON DC, “nailed him to a cross”, via a snipers bullet, from concealment!

1861, as an Aid de Camp to Robert E Lee, Lt. Col. John Washington was murdered from concealment by Washington DC, then they stole his personal possessions off his body.
They were sent by the ruling cabal, from a city, carrying his family name, to murder him, because the USA, just could not afford the Confederacy having the benefit of having as one of her defenders, the recognized head of the Washington Family.

Had they not murdered him, he would have been Robert E Lee’s right hand man, taken the load off Lee when with heart trouble he offered to step down as commanding general, so that John took the hard rushing about, scouting, what to believe, from his shoulders.

Had John Washington lived, not been murdered by WASHINGTON DC/USA, England, France, then the rest of the world would have recognized the Confederacy, John would have hanged Lincolns ass from porch of the white house, and America would not be the shit hole it is today.

But the USA/WASHINGTON DC, “nailed him to a cross”, for his Leadership.

Let me again wave my hands, take you back to the beginnings in America, the American Revolution against Great Britain, fought for freedom for Americans.

George Washington is idolized as some sort of God!

Well, he was not.
Mortal man, with the usual problems.
Just happened to be born into an old aristocratic family, but one of the lines were not first born, and headed to America with dreams of building a business empire for themselves and their prodigy.

While well to do by 1700 colonial standards, his family was not overflowing with money.

George grew up working hard himself, had all the sicknesses of colonial America of that time, including malaria, which would hit him again and again, until he died.

He had planned a career as a British Naval Officer, but his self centered, and clinging mother, would not sign to allow him to go into the Navy.

He became a self taught surveyor, and worked hard at it, in wilderness country.

He married good, as they used to say, a wealthy widow.

He serves as an American colonial officer in the the French Indian wars where he distinguished himself.

When war came with Britain, he was the best America had, and he stepped up to the plate.

During all the years of the war, he spent three nights at home.

When he with the troops, had won a battle, he was the greatest thing ever, when he lost one, he was incompetent, and clueless.

Officers, some close to him, tried to get him fired, so they could be top dog, and never stopped telling lies on him behind his back.

The congress, worrying about getting rich, and power plays, neglected the army.
Food, clothing, weapons, ammo, and pay, were always in short supply.

Some troops like my third great grandfather’s Carleton and Petty, my fourth great grandfather Wright, stuck with him, through Valley Forge, through the wins, as well as the losses.

But many, when thing got tough, deserted, went home.

But in the end, America won her freedom from Britain.

George should have gone home.

He had given enough already, done enough already, to have a secured himself a leading role in American history, as long as American remained.

People asked him, begged him, to take the presidency.
He did not want it, and should not have taken it.

He was old, sick, almost deaf from repeated treatments for malaria.

He should have gone home, and supported the young country, with a guiding hand here and there from in front of his fire place.

He did not know who else could be trusted with the job, and he never understood quitting, so he took it, and a second term he did not want either.

George was a wonderful American hero during the war, and a force against true American freedom after the war.

Whether he did not really understand true freedom, coming from a aristocratic feudal background, did not trust the American people with freedom after watching them, hearing them praise and then condemn him to hell, as the wind blew one direction or the other, i will not venture to guess.

i know, he trusted some people he should not have, stayed associated with some people he should not have, and i believe, although a great general, was out of his element trying to form a government with elements from the Puritan states and culture.

When he however, sent an Army, to force veterans, who had fought for freedom, both for themselves and their prodigy, but also from a abusive government which arbitrarily taxed them at will, and heavily, to force them to pay a heavy and arbitrary tax, he betrayed the people of America, the idea of America, and the dream of America.

War time hero, peace time fuck up!

But however you look at it, George stood up, took the Leadership role, when it was dangerous and hard, and the American people, started nailing him to a cross of slander and lies, with their ignorant and fickle tongue’s

In truth, he played both the hero, and the villain.

But laying there in his warm bed, dying, he finally understood, it was his duty to give the people freedom, whether or not he thought they could handle it, and he had failed in that duty, and he was dying, and he could do nothing, to make up for it, or change the outcome of his actions, because he would soon be dead, and the world would continue on, but not as good of a world, as it could have been, if he had just done his duty, despite his disdain for the American sheep!

The Americans nailed him to a cross, then they made a god out of him!

Lets go way back now, talk about one of George, John and Georges, common ancestors.

let us climb aboard our magic carpet, and return to the 13th Century AD, England!

Edward the First, Longshanks as he would come to be known, was born into the ruling family of part of France, and England.

Viking linage, mixed with French for the most part.

At least from the Time of the battle of Hastings, till the present day, Edward the first, was the best damn king England ever had.

Honest historians will tell you that.

Zionist history revisionist, will tell you Satan escaped hell for a time, and ruled as Edward Longshanks.

Course, that probably has a lot to do with Edward being forced, by the zionist own ancestors crimes, to kick their little English boy gang banging in ritual heathen sacrifice sermonizes, them murdering them, using and drinking their blood, asses out of England to stop the heathen bloodsucking of the English people, physically, spiritually, and financially.

He Loved his queen, took her everywhere with him he could.
They were devoted to each other, and when she died, he grieved, had constructed beautiful memorials to her.

He reformed English law, returning many of the rights of Natural law, which had been removed from the people, by absolute dictator kingships, to the English people.

Now, he was not a god or a saint.

He was mean as a pissed on, pissed off, ole Lobo wolf when he or his people were crossed.

He was what we Texas hillbillies used to refer to as a pure de ole bad ass!

But with a soft and caring side, who stood by honor, and tried to make a better world for those he was the leader of the pack of.

History, aided by the resentment of the zionist pigs, who still hate him, for kicking them out of England, there by not allowing them to gang rape little English boys, murder them in heathen rituals, and steal the English widows home with Usury, paint him as evil.

And since they are the pedophiles, raping the children who appear in movies, who run Holly Whore, anytime Edward is depicted, they nail him to a cross of Bullshit with their lies and hypocrisy.

This time, i will raise my hand, holding my seven foot staff, with the reincarnated as a goat, zionist skull on top of it, and fly back in time once again

As time settles in, i show you the Hebrews, under Roman Occupation, around 33 BC.

A child is born!

He studies, grows to manhood.

He does not like the hypocrisy, evil, pedophilia, Usury, greed, of the Hebrew people.

He does not like the fact, Hebrews are occupied by Rome, and not free.

He tried to get the Hebrews to Stop buggering each others children, stealing with Usury and otherwise, throwing the widow out of her home, and raping the orphan, help the sick and poor!

He also told em to get a set of balls and stop kissing the Romans asses!

He did NOT say, turn the other cheek, pay your taxes, the meek shall inherit the earth.

Those things were inserted when the “bible”, was cobbled together in 325 AD, by the Roman Sheep Herding Association, other wise known as the Roman Catholic Church, so conquered people would be pussies and meek slaves.

Jesus the Christ said, get a set of balls and a sword!
He also said chain something heavy around ever pedophiles neck you can find, and throw em in the deep end.

This upset the Babylonian End of Times Death Cult worshiping Hebrews, and to top it off, Jesus the Christ, wanted them to return to the god of their fathers in the times of King David and Solomon.

So the Hebrews, used Roman law, to murder Jesus the Christ.

Some of the same ass holes who had been cheering him on, came and jeered as they crucified him, hurled insults at him as he died.

Today evil hypocrites use his name to justify open aggression, murder, rape, torture, theft, armed robbery, kidnaping, invasions, occupations.

i will wave my hand once more, and i will take you back just a bit farther.

100 BC.
Gaius Julius.

Born into a family of the founding families of Rome.
When he was born, his family was not poor, but they were not rich either.
They were not in the most powerful families.

But Gaius had drive and ambition.

He fought his way, bribed his way, bought his way, as was the Roman custom at the time, to the high seats of Power in Rome.

He conquered much territories and peoples for Rome, at the head of his Legion.

Now, much has been written about him, and you can go read it.
Just let me say, like all humans, he had good things, and bad things about him.

But he loved Rome.
He as a leader of Roman soldiers, was angry at how the rich, just discarded the men who made their lives of luxury possible, when they could no longer carry a sword, to the pitiless streets of Rome.

How the top rich, had everything, and the rest of the Empire, got the crumbs from the rich ones tables.

Simply was not right, and he knew the Empire, hence Rome itself, could not survive without some serious reforms.

The rich did not want reforms, they were rich!

Gaius crossed the Rubicon with his Legion, took power, and became Julius Caesar.
His actions, reforms, saved Rome for another three hundred years.

So the Rich Romans, murdered him.

Julius saved their asses, and the scum sucking rich ass wipes, he was trying to save, by making them accept necessary reforms, murdered him.

So you can see, what the rewards are of “leadership”.

If the people were honorable, they would not murder those who they prayed would be sent to save them, from the results of their own evil actions.

But if they were honorable people, they would not need saving from themselves.
They would not need a “savior”.

Job Vacancy Notice:
Needed, one Hero of the People.
Being cussed by the sheep, and murdered for trying to help them!

New positions opening regularly!

John C Carleton

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