IT Harmonizes With The Piker Battalion Band’

In the year of 1290 in England of old-
lived a King, a warrior very bold-

He warned the Usury pedophiles raping the English young-
To stop their evil, not do it again or he would put them on the run-

When he again saw the dead form of an English child-
Ritually gang raped, drained of blood, his reaction was not mild-

He assembled the Piker Battalion Band-
Each a brut, a very manly man-

As Edward directed the Usury pedophile’s departure song-
The pedophile Usury ones screamed along-

Such vermin, such losers, such useless and evil dung-
Edward should have done the blood eagle with their lung-

But in a moment of weakness he allowed them to live-
Expelled, the Usury Pedophile’s went to other lands, sucked their blood, a virus the world to give-

The Biblical past three to four generations must be done-
Perhaps Edward to finish the job, will send a grandson!

Let it be Above-
As it is Below.

The Ole Dog!