Israhell zionist Hazbara , Pedophile/Usury Promoting Troll Having Another Melt Down!

Damn thing just will not stop trying to hop on the big Lizards Leg!

Kjell Hasthi, a fake name, same slut used to be MIA, until no one would touch IT’s post with a 10 foot pole, made a fool of IT’s self again this morning.

After posting some drivel on one of my post, and the big Lizard having to verbally bitch slap the bitch, IT, short for SHE/HE/IT, shortened to SHIT, further shortened to IT, IT replied with this post:
Didn’t you work on a US carrier in your career?
big Lizards reply:Attention!

Bend over and assume the position!

Oh my-My!

No oh yea mentally challenged one, never said i did, and i never did.

There Was a mentally challenged Hazbara named IT-

Did not mind making of Fool of IT’s self one bit-

Again and again IT bent over and presented IT’s Butt-

Like a street walker dog mutt-

Self flagellation is not enough-

For this soiled tiny piece of muff fluff-

IT follows the big Lizard around-

As if IT wanted to be bound-

Closely to the big Lizards Royal Blue Blooded Leg-

A bumbling proven fool of IT’s self, IT has Made!

The Ole Dog!

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