Never Knowing If it Was a Blessing or a Curse?

Every single thing, which happens in each of our lives individually, is a blessing and a curse.

Just depends on how you look at it, and how you apply the lessons.

i understand reincarnation to a good degree.

No, don’t have all the answers, but enough to navigate whats left of this earthly life i have this school class, cause thats what it is, school, spiritual education.

i seem to be a very special case, in that i came to be able to track my lives, back over two thousand years, and with a gap i have not accounted for, over four thousand years.

Blessing or a curse?

Both, depends on how you use what comes, and why you need it.

Most people are not allowed to know their past lives, as the weight which comes with knowing the huge mistakes you made from time to time, the blood on your hands, the pain of betrayals, fickleness of the sheep, personal losses, the struggles, the grind again and again, is just too much, and would enter fear with this life lessons.

But what you do bring with you, everyone, whether you know one single former life, is your intuition.

That still small voice telling you, hey hold up there dumb ass, we tried that a few lives back, and things really went to shit, might just want to not do this again!

In my case, when i had grown enough to understand everything i had been taught was a lie, the “country” i thought i had gone to war for, had thrown the American troops to the dogs kissing the Arabs asses to get Washington DC/USA’s foot in the Middle East Door, and furthermore, the WASHINGTON DC/USA son of bitches, had used thousands of troops including me to test an experimental vaccine on under the cloak of war.

Many dead, many disabled, WASHINGTON DC still lying!

i hit my knees in the middle of all this, and begged the Light for wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

And i got it!

Not all at once.

If all were be dumped on you all at once, it would throw your breakers, and you would stand there drooling, maybe for years.

But drip by drip, with the occasional deluge.

The weight is heavy, but many of my past lives, one by one, have united with me, to share their wisdom, their trials, their triumphs, and their failures.

They were less advanced spiritually, myself, in another time another body.
As i take each of their life’s lessons, embrace them, that past life lives again in myself, and we will face the future together.

Some are born to till the soil in hunger and pain-
Some sail the seas, fighting the winds and rain-
Some live alone in virgin forest glades-
Some in cities, where government policies are made-
Some dig in the ground, some fly through the air-
And some are born, the burdens of the sheep to bare-
Men of song, poem, blood and war-
Who’s gaze always seems to be looking far-
Beyond their surroundings and the din of the day-
Seems to be their job for some reason to pay-
For the cowardly fickleness of the sheep-
Who sow the destruction, but do not like to reap-
The spilling of blood and searing of soul-
Which is the price of tempering the mold-
Of a useful tool, formed for That Above-
This bed of roses, the price of love!
Let it be above, as it is below.

John C Carleton

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