You Can Support The Veterans, Without Supporting the War Crime Wars They Are Sent To By Washington DC/USA

Now, i was used as a lab rat, by the USA/WASHINGTON DC, with hundreds of thousands of other GIs, many who are dead, many more who are disabled.

Still USA lies about doing the crime, thereby keeping from having to pay benefits for what they have done, and the black mark for experimenting on their own troops, one more time.

Did their war.
It was nothing to do with defense of America.

It was about a lot of things, trying new war toys out, getting bases in the Middle East, Starting the destruction of the middle east in earnest, which has never stopped till this day.

Some other things also, many different angles every act the evil does.

Every war since them has been a war of aggression by USA/WASHINGTON DC, based on lies, having nothing to do with the defense or safety of America.

None of these countries invaded or devastated by the USA, had in any way, fashion, attacked America, or even threatened to attack America.

There simply no justification for all these wars.

But American children, raised in a horrible economy, brought to Americans by USA/WASHINGTON DC, many barley literate after 12 years of Public Indoctrination, see the military as their ticket out of a ice house clerking job at bottom pay, no benefits, and perhaps some college from the GI bill.

They join, they go kill innocent people in foreign lands, they drink, drug, blow their own brains out in shame.

Yet the wars keep marching on, the USA sheep chant USA!-USA!-USA-USA!, while their children/grandchildren march off to do murder and war crimes.

Because, when you attack an innocent person, break into their home, and kill them, it is murder.

If they kill you, it is self defense, because you are in their home, trying to harm them, steal from them.

Americans need to get a set of balls.
Stop these wars for rich bankers, and to benefit a foreign crime cabal, but not America.

Got an invite to a veterans web site.
Spoke out for the veterans and against all these wars for bankers pocketbooks.

Spoke of bringing Americans children home, stacking arms, rebuilding the shit hole WASHINGTON DC/USA has made of America.

i guess it was the guy runs the overall site, told for me to stay away from his area with my “anti-Military comments”.

i assured him, if trying to stop wars, based on lies, which have proven to be lies, so Americans children are not slaughtered and traumatized for interest not Americans, in clear cut war crime wars, then he did not have to worry about me hanging around him!

Damnit America, it is not that damn hard to understand right and wrong!

For every yin, there is a yang!

Shit comes home to roost!

Karma will not be short changed by sanctimonious bull shit and pretended ignorance!

At least i hope it is pretended.

Son of a Bitch America!

Don’t you understand, when you piss on the whole world in arrogance, one day the whole world will piss back?

Hell, come on, You are not really that stupid you do not understand that?

Only thing i can figure, is the zionist virus has got most of America by now.

Told my wife the other day, if 95-97 percent of Americans went poof, and disappeared, be a frigging better world!

Not much time left America.

The horsemen have been released!

John C Carleton

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