Freedom from government, is the best form of “government”, and the Only Legitimate Form!

The best form of government is freedom from the oppression of “government”.

Natural Law, Common Law.
Volunteer associations, where if one wants to withdraw from the association, they are not raped, robbed, jailed, and murdered.

1st of all, none of the “christian” churches, can agree on what any part of the bible means or says.

Not a very good foundation for leadership.
This “god”, who is vague, his words are easily made to mean anything, decided, certain individuals, by merit of birth, are chosen, to rule absolute.

Then this “god” is a screw up, cause out of all of the kings of Europe, only one or two were really worth a flying trapeze.

Take King John of England.
A spoiled, self centered, sanctimonious, self righteous, evil little weasel.
He was a major pain in the ass to his brother Richard, alway stabbing him in the back, and causing trouble.
When he became king, upon Richards death, England, the people suffered.
But “God ” picked him!
No one, has the right, to force their way of life, their believes on anyone else, because some “god”, which a good part of the world does not recognize as a “god”, whispered in their ear, where no one else could hear, god made them ruler of all they can steal and conquer.

Volunteer associations, based on Natural law, is the only legitimate from of “governance”.

John C Carleton

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