Ole George and America

This started out as a reply to a poster, relying to one of my post, wringing their hands, (supposably), because they FEARED the USA, was going to be isolated from the rest of the world because of blaw-blaw-blaw.

i say, bring it on!

About damn time!

And to all you Bad-bad America people, heres one from one of my bloodlines.

Another words, piss off, and get the hell out of America!

“As an America, one who’s ancestors have blood in the soil of America, from before the Revolution, George Washington got some things right, and got some wrong.

Being a stubborn Warrior, with the courage and leadership, to stand against overwhelming odds, and beat the British.

Supporting replacing the Articles of Confederation with the “constitution”

Sending an army, to force veterans who fought for freedom under him, to give that freedom up to the elite of Washington DC/ the State houses, and pay an arbitrary tax.

Men who fought a long bloody war for freedom, and north to pay arbitrary taxes, were forced, at the point of a USA army, to surrender that freedom to Washington DC, and pay that arbitrary tax!

Saying, To hell with Europe and their constant wars, keep Americans nose out of their business, and their nose out of ours.

THAT, ole George got DEAD RIGHT.

America needs to call her children home, stack arms, stop invading murdering innocents, kick the unfaithful to America out, and worry about rebuilding America!


Time for America to heed ole Georges advise where he damn well has been proved right.
America for Americans, and to hell with Europe, (and their zionist military outpost in occupied Palestine!)”.

i am an American, i want to see America healed, and her enemies expelled from her shores!

John C Carleton

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