Death of the “Dollar”and the American Dream

This was an from memory post on how the cancer of the Not federal, No reserves, and Not a bank, usury scam need upon the ass ofAmerica, and some of it’s consequences.

i might be off a year here or there, but this will get you close enough, to smell the BS which is the WASHINGTON DC currency scam.

“Closing the barn door after the horses have escaped, never works out well.
When certain Usury “bankers”, collaborating with some very wealthy Americans, hatched a plot to take over the economic system, and flat bleed America dry, while using the older folk for usury debt slaves, and the children, for WASHINGTON DC sexual party favors, and cannon fodder in wars which are against the interest in every way, of the American Home Land and American Souls, “the people”, they did not mess around.
Senators, representatives, judges, we’re compromised and bribed.
Woodrow Wilson, sold his soul to them to put him in the Oval Office, which they did.
He paid them back, by signing into “law”, the bill the bribed and compromised, (WASHINGTON DC, has not called to Americas best, for a very long time), USA “government” minions had treasonously passed!
Then he paid them with the blood of Americans drafted into a European zionist Usury Bankers war, which had absolutely nothing to do with, or for the interest of America and Americans.
The USA, Fiat, backed by absolutely nothing of intrinsic value, fake, counterfeit currency, created out of thin air, loaned at usury interest, to the USA crime cabal, with the bill passed to the captive American workers, currency known as the “Federal Reserve Note”, is produced, by a private scam organization, which is NOT federal, NOT a reserve, and is NOT, a bank!
It’s a well planned scam, forced on the American working poor, by the dishonor, corruption, unfaithfulness, scum sucking, egg sucking, chicken stealing criminals of low moral character, they kept voting for and thinking of as their “leaders”.
Those who many generations ago, bribed the cancer on the rear of America into being, knew the scam had a shelf life, a use by date.
When my father took me to a cafe for the first time, i might have been two, no more than three,
He bought me a huge hand made with real beef, grass fed beef, maybe topped off with some grain, hamburger, and a Mission orange soda, in a glass bottle.
He paid the lady, .30, thirty cents.
But the quarter was 90 percent silver.
When the criminal Usury ones, set the scam in motion, they knew it would have to be done in increments.
First, in 1933 if memory serves, the USA domestically, was taken off the Gold Standard.
Up until then, take a fifty dollar paper bill in, the bank, any bank, would give you a fifty dollar gold coin.
Five ones or a five dollar bill, got you a five dollar gold coin, and so forth.
In 1964, remember this one myself, the paper money was taken off the silver standard which replaced the Gold Standard, in 1933.
1965, all the coins had this brass in the center.
Kids thought it was cool!
Their parents who understood the implications, cursed under their breaths!
In 1971, or 72, Tricky Dicky, the head hand puppet of the “Bankers”, defaulted on the agreed upon gold redemption, of the USA federal reserve note, when brought from overseas by foreign governments.
The dollar was being inflated to finance the Viet Nam war, and the gold coffers were running low.
Tricky Dicky, cut a deal with the OPEC countries, US would protect them from the USSR, and in return, OPEC, thus the whole world, would be forced to still use the ever inflating backed by nothing fiat currency in international trade, with the rest of the world eating the bulk of the debt inflation for the USA “governments” excesses in spending.
This is now dying, as country after country are agreeing to trade in their own, or some other more trusted currency.
It is all currency, no matter the country, as none of them are backed in gold, silver, or some other form of real money.
Money has intrinsic value, currency does not.
The current US fiat currency, is worth maybe, one cent in purchasing power, of a pre usury bank, 1913 paper currency.
The coming economic crash of America, was planned long before 1913, and assured, ofter 1913.
There WILL be economic upheavals in America, which will lead to political, as well as perceptual changes in America and Americans.
There is no stopping it, all one can do, is to try to move any paper assets one has, to real tangible, proven holders of value, look around your home, land, see what you must do to protect you and your from the mayhem such economic and political disasters, have always brought with them.”

Brought to you by the un American zionist whores of Washington DC/Tel Aviv!

John C Carleton

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