Ole George and America

This started out as a reply to a poster, relying to one of my post, wringing their hands, (supposably), because they FEARED the USA, was going to be isolated from the rest of the world because of blaw-blaw-blaw. i say, bring it on! About damn time! And to all you Bad-bad America people, heres one […]

How to Turn the Tables on Authority

“In the act of provoking people to think differently, philosophers make it clear that we are not fated to live within the often-stifling systems of thought that we inherit. We can change the subject.” ~Raymond Geuss Are you sick and tired of TV talking-heads babbling their way through political propaganda and scapegoating each other through underhanded […]

Palestine: The Biggest Prison on Earth – A History of the Occupied Territories

The history of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine is continued with Ilan Pappe’s recent work, The Biggest Prison on Earth. For those who have read Pappe’s earlier histories, it is clear the original Zionists recognized the existence of the Palestinian population and the resistance most likely to rise from it. Also recognized are the actions […]