Why Did The Vikings Appear as Raiders Starting Around 700 AD?

i am Viking.
American Viking, but if you going to believe them royals, i am a direct descendant, many times, from Odin, or Woden of Valhalla and Northern Germany.

i know the christian tale, and i know the Norse beliefs .
Many shared things, roaster crowing three times, a world wide flood.
Only two being saved, to repopulate the earth, the last battle.

The difference is, Norse recognizes reincarnation, and Nature.

Reincarnation is the deadly enemy of Rome.
Rome said, they would not be able to defeat the Celts, and keep them pacified, until they stamped out the belief in reincarnation .

The “church”, would come in with the conquering invading forces, hunt down Native priest, drain them of their knowledge, then murder them, outlaw under pain of death, worshiping the old gods!

Read much at all about vikings, and again and again you see “historians”, being unable to explain why the vikings exploded out of their Lands, all over the Isles and Europe..
They can not explain it, i can.

When the Roman Empire, went belly up for all purposes, around 300 AD, Germanic tribes, started getting the hell out of dodge, and the birth of the Roman “christian” cult religion.
Roman Christianity, was different from the reincarnation, as Christ taught, believing bunch who was doing their best, to live as Jesus had told them to.
These Jesus followers, were hunted down like dogs, burned, fed to wild beast, raped, murdered, everything they had stolen by the church of Rome.

So these Germanic Tribes, who believed as Jesus did, did not want anything to do with the evil of declining Rome, or the increasingly politically powerful, and brutal, Church of Rome, went where that church and its belief were not.

ones went the furtherest, got away from it and farmed, manufactured utensils, jewelry, tools, fighting amongst themselves for leadership, as was a warriors way.

Then, the “missionaries”, of the church, they had went a long ways to get away from, caught up with them, started poisoning the minds of their young with their evil fairy tail of an angry god, a devel’s hell, and the priest and the evil church, as their only fire escape!

The vikings, burst out raiding the Isles and Europe, because of the pedophilic , mind adulterating “priest”, who would not stay the hell away from their families and lands, like a damn virus no one wants, but it INCIST on giving you that disease!

The Frost Giants, is an misinterpretation of the Norse.

Frost Outsiders, or Outlanders.
Loki was a frost outsider, allowed to remain in their midst, and he was always stabbing them in the back, getting crap started, cheating some one.

The Norse enemies, the Frost OutLanders, are the Turkmen/slav reject, outcaste, from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine!

It was a holy war for survival, thats why they burst out like a storm!

The evil of the virus, is not controlled by DNA.
When the evil uses up one host, or people, it finds another to infect, so the evil can continue.
When the Vikings left Rome, migrated, the evil associated with the church, infected the Hebrews.

When Rome ended the Hebrews as a people, the parent evil held on in small pockets, until it infected the Turkmen/slav outcaste from the steppes of Russia and Ukraine.

The evil, in the Frost outlanders, (Turkmen/slav halfbreed outcaste, rejects from the Steppes of Russia this time), and their pet Roman nightmare cult had found them, was attacking them like the virus they were and are!

Everything you see, is a Babylonian Magicians Illusion!

John C Carleton

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