Kurdish Politician Reveals US Role in Recent Killing of Syrian Army Forces in Qamishli-Fars News

USA is a war criminal, international, for profit corporation, incorporated under British Empire law, and the military arm of the British Anglo zionist Empire. When you think of Great Britain, don’t think the Land/the People of the Isles, think the old Dutch East India Company, (you know, the bunch who fought a war with China, […]

Horrifying Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Kill 16yo Boy While His Hands Were In The Air-The Free Thought Project

The Israhell crime cabal, are not Semitic, not descended from the Hebrews, and if they were, it would change nothing. They are mainly a Turkmen/Slavic hybrid, from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine. They are murdering, raping, pedophillic, thieving, cowardly scum of the earth.. They are lower than a Politician, a tax collector or a […]

US-Backed Militias Concerned about Growing Popular Uprising in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

The People of Syria, the civilians, are being murdered/kidnaped, by WASHINGTON DC’s paid, perverted war criminal terrorist, because they support their Syrian government and troops. In other words, all the BULL SHIT, coming out of Washington dc/USA, about illegally being in, and attacking Syria, is for the safety of the Syrian people, is just that, […]